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cirque_enciel's Journal

The Academy of Pantomime and Clowning
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Miming, clowning, dancing, acting.

Welcome to The Academy Of Pantomime and Clowning
And dancing, acting, physical comedy.. etc

This community is for anyone who loves the art of pantomime, miming, clowning, street performing, ventriloquism, vaudeville.. and many many others. The goal of the academy is to showcase your work, and to help those who wish to break into the art form. Questions, images of yourself in makeup, costume, performing on the street, and videos are absolutely encouraged. Introductions are also welcome. Let us know who you are, why you do what you do, who inspired you.


·Be kind to others. Constructive criticism is okay, but know when to stop.
·No drama queens or know-it-alls. There's a distinctive line between sharing knowledge and being sassy. The mods know the difference.
·All large images, large amounts of text, and video should be placed behind a cut.
·Please keep all images and video clean. If you think something might be slightly offensive, put it behind an lj-cut with a proper warning.
·No community promotions that are not relevant to this community. Before you post one that you think is, please run it by me first.
·Promotions for communities similar to this one will not be accepted.
·Please keep event ads to a minimum (don't post the same one more than once).

Help promote the academy:


Contact your head mod:
LJ: nobuwa
MSN: blametherabbit@hotmail.com
AIM: blame the rabbit
Email: oha_mihama@yahoo.com