J.H.Holliday, DDS (doc__holliday) wrote in cirque_enciel,
J.H.Holliday, DDS

Ask a Busker!

Hi kids!

I've decided to start a regular little segment on my blog called Ask A Busker!

I started it this evening after discussing the topic of "frequent questions people ask" me as a street performer. I figured I might as well answer those questions people seem to fire off at me all the time. Since it's the winter time and I'm not busking that much, I figured, now's the time to compile a list of those annoying/thought-provoking questions and start answering them!

Coincidentally, the first post is about why I don't street perform in the winter!

Please read it! Please send in your questions!

Much like the art of busking, it has the potential to be a lot of fun pending on how many people interact with it. So, please contribute!

x-posted. Apologies.

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