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Costumed Tea and Discussion at Cafe Pomplona (7/18)

Always wanted to know how to make a pair of steampunk goggles? How about a Victorian ball gown?

Please join us for an afternoon of tea and costuming at Cafe Pomplona (Harvard Square) from 1pm-3pm, this Saturday (7/18)! During the tea steampunk accessories and vintage reproduction clothing pieces will be shown and discussed. Come listen and learn about how historical clothing and steampunk garments, respectively, are created and can be worn fashionably on the street!

Guests are encouraged to bring any current costume or historical projects they are working on or have completed.  If you've sewed it, built it or glued it together, we want to see it!

Feel free to wear a costume or modern clothes. We'll be thrilled to see you either way.

Hope to see everyone there!

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