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Hiya everyone.

Thanks for great support and start to the new segment on my blog 'Adventures in Gambling, Grifting and Street Performing' over on blogspot.

There's been a few more questions asked over on "Ask A Busker".
This week we're dealing with how to get permits in a city that has no laws for or against busking, and where to look for venues in a new town!

Remember folks, much like the art of busking, this series will only be as awesome with participation! Please feel free to follow along online, or submit your own questions!


Ask a Busker!

Hi kids!

I've decided to start a regular little segment on my blog called Ask A Busker!

I started it this evening after discussing the topic of "frequent questions people ask" me as a street performer. I figured I might as well answer those questions people seem to fire off at me all the time. Since it's the winter time and I'm not busking that much, I figured, now's the time to compile a list of those annoying/thought-provoking questions and start answering them!

Coincidentally, the first post is about why I don't street perform in the winter!

Please read it! Please send in your questions!

Much like the art of busking, it has the potential to be a lot of fun pending on how many people interact with it. So, please contribute!

x-posted. Apologies.

Busker's World

an interesting article researched last year, written this year by a journalist who followed a bunch of us for a couple of weeks. Some fact-twisting aside, I think it's a pretty good read. Although, for any of you out there looking to come to Toronto to work, this year some heavier laws were enacted against internationals so good luck with that! :p

Buskers World.
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May be somebody is interested

Jango Edwards Clown Workshop Nov 9–11

Jef Johnson's Clown Lab and Nouveau Clown Institute present:
Clown: Formulas and Theory
With Jango Edwards

November 9, 10, 11
12–6pm each day

The Brick Theater
575 Metropolitan Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Jango Edwards is one of the founding fathers of the Nouveau Clown Movement. This is a rare opportunity to study with one of the world's great teachers. Jango was last here in 1982. The work he has done in Europe is the basis for much of the world scene these days.


Stilt Walker?

 Hey Everyone,

I posted to this community a few months ago in search of a stilt walker for my human marionette gig. I was referred to a wonderful lady by someone, who has now become too busy to perform with me.

I'm looking for a stilt walker! If you're local and want to do some busking in Cambridge, comment and I will leave you my e-mail address.

Costumed Tea and Discussion at Cafe Pomplona (7/18)

Always wanted to know how to make a pair of steampunk goggles? How about a Victorian ball gown?

Please join us for an afternoon of tea and costuming at Cafe Pomplona (Harvard Square) from 1pm-3pm, this Saturday (7/18)! During the tea steampunk accessories and vintage reproduction clothing pieces will be shown and discussed. Come listen and learn about how historical clothing and steampunk garments, respectively, are created and can be worn fashionably on the street!

Guests are encouraged to bring any current costume or historical projects they are working on or have completed.  If you've sewed it, built it or glued it together, we want to see it!

Feel free to wear a costume or modern clothes. We'll be thrilled to see you either way.

Hope to see everyone there!

My Makeup.

This is My Makeup for My Clown Character who is affectionately named Punch. This is my Favorite make up job that has ever been done and sadly I didn't do it. A very talented friend Named Tristan hooked me up with this one.

there are a few more here

Collapse )

Hope you like C]:)>
mime tom waits

March Theme, sorta.

Hey folks!
Hope you are all well!

Since nobody's posted yet and I've been getting shots done left, right, front and centre these days, I thought I'd put a couple of 'em up here if any of you are interested.

I did a shoot with renowned photographer Kathleen Finlay earlier this week. The shots turned out fabulously. She gave me a couple of sneak peek shots but if you want, I can post the rest later.

Here it is:


This is the trick right before my grand finale (balancing a giant picture frame on my chin.. actually, it's that picture frame in the Collapse )

Alright. I've thrown the gauntlet down, let's see some of your makeup! :D